A Continent-Wide Bellydance Calendar

Our Intent--Disclaimer--FYI--PLEASE READ

Shimmy America's intent is to provide a comprehensive Master Calendar of Events for Bellydancing and bellydance-related events for the United States and Canada.  We believe in bringing together and promoting Bellydancers of all genres, skill levels, and body types.  We include dancers of any gender. 

It is free to post your event.  You must register with Shimmy America to post.

Shimmy America will accept postings from anyone with an event that can be generally considered a Bellydance event.  We expect postings to be polite, clear, and concise.  We will delete postings that are inappropriate, and we will delete any Registered User that posts inappropriately on our site.  We reserve the right to delete any Registered User for any reason, at any time.

Because of our open policy of accepting posts, you can expect that there will be event overlaps, especially within your state and during popular months.  There are only so many weekends in October--and everyone wants to have a Halloween show!  Please be considerate and respectful of other shows that post at your same time, they deserve equal billing. 

We are not responsible for lost posts.  We do our best to keep our calendars up-to-date and error-free, but computer and human glitches do occur.  When posting on Shimmy America you accept responsibility for your post and your event. 

Shimmy America is just a calendar!  We are not responsible for the attendance numbers at your event, nor for the people attending your event.  We are not responsible for errors in addresses, cancelled shows or cancelled dancers, entrance fees, event location problems or issues.  We have no idea if an event location is handicap accessible or not and we recommend that you contact the event coordinator for any specific event for any questions.

We are not a message service.  You must contact the event coordinator for the specific event you are interested in.  We will not pass along messages.

Bellydancing is a beautiful form of expression, and it includes dancers of a limitless variety of body types and skill level.  The most beautiful dancers do not necessarily follow any conventional standard of beauty.  We find bellydancing beautiful in all its forms and varieties, and it is our wish that this calendar gives equal time to all.

Dance from your heart.

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In case of a posting error, we do allow the owner of the post to correct their own post, using the original email that you posted from.  After signing in, Simply click on the pencil that shows up next to the listing you posted.  If you need Shimmy America to make the correction for you, please email us.  Correction requests MUST come from the same email address that was used to post the event.  We will make corrections as quickly as possible, but can not guarantee a correction within the day.  For corrections ...

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