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Ashley Lopez

Ashley is a fusion dancer originally from California, who began her training in Illinois, continued it in the Bay Area and who is currently residing in Portland, Oregon.  She is a certified yoga, Pilates and fitness instructor, and holds a degree in Performance in opera.  Her dance background includes a great deal of Tribal Belly Dance training in addition to some American Cabaret, Jazz, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, and Latin Dance.

As an instructor, she uses her background in fitness and yoga to guide students to achieve a strong technical foundation for movement that is clear, healthy, balanced and strong.  Additionally, she uses her experience and training as a live theatrical performer to guide students toward their own unique artistic expression.  

Ashley performs extensively as a soloist, with her Bay Area-based troupe Orchid Belly Dance and with other fellow artists in Portland.  She offers workshops all over the US and teaches weekly classes in Portland for various levels of students.  

(217) 778 9778 

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State or Province:  Oregon