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Anthea (Kawakib) - Tribal Odyssey Bellydance - PRISM Dancers

Anthea (Kawakib) teaches popular American belly dance specialties such as Veil, Sword, and Candle dancing, as well as group improvisation based on Egyptian style bellydance called "Tribal Odyssey".

Internationally known for her skill with finger cymbals, also known as zills, Kawakib's students begin to learn this skill after becoming grounded in the basics of bellydance, when they advance to her Intermediate level classes.
Playing finger cymbals is an essential skill for a professional Middle Eastern dancer. As evidenced by her how-to videos on youtube (on the Dance Eternal channel), Kawakib introduces finger cymbals in a logical and clear manner. Her students also learn to play finger cymbals in Tribal Odyssey, making the integration of the skill even easier. Following this method, all Kawakib’s Intermediate students learn how to play cymbals in various unique patterns.

Please visit the link below for more information on Kawakib's Oriental and Tribal Odyssey bellydance classes, events, and performances with her PRISM Dancers of Fredericksburg.


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